frequently asked

  • How is your hummus so creamy?

    We pride ourselves in making the creamiest hummus you’ll ever try! We can’t share the secret to our super creamy hummus, but we can tell you it has to do with our high quality ingredients and the process it takes to make our velvety, smooth spreads :)

  • What is Jerusalem-Style?

    Head to our blog to find out exactly what we mean by Jerusalem-Style!

  • Why do you use citric acid in your dips?

    Citric acid is one of the most common natural food preservatives. It is found naturally in all citrus fruits. It is widely used as a flavor enhancer and preservative.

    At Baba’s, we use citric acid to maintain the freshness of our spreads and help control pH. The citric acid we add to our spreads is organic and has been produced from a non-GMO carbohydrate source. 

  • What are natural flavors?

    We are proud to make yummy, good-for-you dips with no artificial preservatives. And because our dips do not contain artificial preservatives, they have a shorter shelf life.  We want you to experience the very best spreads and for that reason, we use natural flavors to extend the shelf life for you to enjoy our dips to the fullest. 

    Natural flavors are produced through the fermentation of flax seed, oregano and plums, which results in a sweet smelling liquid which is high in natural antioxidants and alpha linolenic acid. It has a neutral pH and it can be added internally or externally to a product formulation to extend shelf-life and product quality. 

    Like in hummus, you can find natural flavors in yogurt, bread, salsa and sour cream. 

  • Do you use oil in your hummus?

    Most of our products are oil-free! Check out our product page for more information!

    If olive oil is permissible to your allergens or diet, we do recommend drizzling good evoo for extra yumminess on your Baba’s spreads!

  • Do your products contain soy?

    Most of our products are soy-free! Check out our product page for more information!

  • How long do Baba’s products last?

    We recommend you consume any of Baba’s products by the expiration date.

    Once you open any dips or bread, it is best consumed within 7 days.

  • What is tahini? 

    Tahini is a ground sesame paste, similar to the spread and texture of peanut butter or almond butter. Tahini is the ying to the chickpea’s yang! Together they make magic.

  • Are your products Kosher?

    Not yet. We are in the process of getting Kosher certified.

  • Are your products Halal?

    Not yet. We are in the process of getting Halal certified.

  • Can you freeze hummus? Or any of your other dips?

    Yes, you can freeze hummus. However, the texture won’t be as creamy upon defrost and you may see some separation. 

    We do not recommend you freeze G’noosh or Tzatziki.

    Freezing our pita bread is absolutely okay! For best results, defrost in the refrigerator and enjoy up to ten days. 

  • Can you buy Baba’s online?

    You can find us on Instacart in select regions. 

  • Are Baba’s containers recyclable?

    Yes, they are! All of our products are PET.

  • What does MENA mean?

    MENA stands for the Middle East and North Africa region.